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MRP Medical Systems

MRP Medical Systems, S.L. is the European leader in the manufacture and / or update medical radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy and brachytherapy. In addition to instalacionmes for nuclear medicine and radiology. The proof of our success is innovation in the market, because now we have an R & D continuous development of new equipment and accessories in addition to continuous improvement of existing. Also, We work in different fields : radiotherapy, radiology, radiation protection, nuclear medicine, PET. All the technical rigor that has our team of professionals and we offer. We radioprotection studies, sizing calculation, control and direction of the work, we have a wide range in shielding materials. See our catalog in radiotherapy, Doors bunker for Linear Accelerators, Radiological Protection Equipment, equipment for nuclear medicine and PET, Gamma cameras, X-ray protection, x-ray glasses, leaded glass for dentists, medical supplies and hospital.